Breaking news from Prosport

Due to significant changes in our team and organization, Nika International´s STCC-project will be managed by another company and separated from Prosport AB.

However, all international initiative launched by the original team during the last two years will be re-branded as Prosport and managed by Prosport AB. This development covers all our websites as well as our former accounts in social media. The changes will take effect immediately, and may initially cause some disturbances in the systems. However, we are glad that we, Prosport finally get moving again after almost two years of uncertainty and being completely off the grid.

Prosport with partners will focus our resources on the international arena within sailing, racing, and events. Among the goals for 2017 will be the launch of a professional catamaran sailing M32 team followed by participation in the TCR-International Series during 2018. The ongoing projects and cooperation with Börje Salming will continue and even extend during 2017.

Therefore, we like to reach to all our former fans and loyal supporters and welcome you back again to a thriving future. This time together with Prosport.

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