Race 1 exposed issues from yesterdays barrier contact

Jul 12, 2015

Race 1 exposed issues from yesterdays barrier contacts.

Vila Real, July 12, 2015

Néstor started in P12 after yesterdays barrier incident

Néstor Girolami and the team started in Race 1 from P12. During the installation lap he felt some vibration in the front of the car but it was to late to investigate. Moments after the start the electronic system blacked out and he almost lost the power of the engine. The cars from behind has to maneuver instantly in order to avoid a start collision. Néstor managed to get back to the pit lane and the team immediately start investigating the cause of the problems.

Relatively fast they found the main reasons for the problems and are now working hard to solve them until 17:15 when the last race of this weekend starts. Hopefully Néstor is back on the grid and can make another try from P12.

Again big applause for the crew member who has been extremely busy this weekend in extraordinary hot conditions. They have almost worked around the clock to get the Honda Tc1 to deliver the right performance. Yesterday the team proved that when the car is working as it should, Nika International is one of the top team within the WTCC.

Race report from Race 2 will follow.


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